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MicroGrafX Graphics Suite 2 Enterprise CD

Alapár: 32.600,-Ft +áfa, Akciós ár: 4.800,-Ft +áfa,
Bruttó: 6.096,-Ft, Megtakarítás: 85%

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Graphics suite 2 Enterprise verzió

- Flowcharter 7
- Designer 7
- Picture Publisher 7
- Simply 3D 2

FlowCharter: Micrografx FlowCharter 7 is the most productive diagramming solution to manage business processes. With unique, patent-pending technology, FlowCharter 7 creates incredibly powerful, interactive diagrams of just about everything imaginable -- business processes, workflow, computer networks, web sites, databases, and much more.
As the revolutionary 32-bit upgrade from ABC FlowCharter, FlowCharter 7 contains a wealth of useful and unique capabilities not available in other diagramming products. Living FlowChart technology, for example, transforms static diagrams into dynamic, interactive processes. FlowCharter 7 does much more than simply present information -- it actually works with it. Attach costs to components in a LAN schematic, or associate wages with personnel in an organizational chart, while results tabulate on the fly.
FlowCharter 7 is certified Windows 95, Windows NT, Office 95, and Office 97 compliant. It integrates perfectly with the Microsoft desktop, providing a familiar interface along with complete OLE automation and Visual Basic scripting capabilities. With a variety of integrated third-party solutions, FlowCharter 7 is also the perfect solution for those tasked with ISO-9000 certification, Business Process Re-engineering (BPR), or Total Quality Management (TQM) initiatives. With unmatched ease of use, FlowCharter 7 delivers the most powerful diagramming solution for the department and the enterprise.

Designer: With comprehensive electronic and traditional publishing capabilities, Designer 7 is an award-winning drawing tool perfectly suited to the needs of the enterprise.
Anyone who creates vector-based graphics, logos, desktop publishing or advertisements will benefit from Designer's easy to learn interface and highly productive tools. Designer 7 adds a new level of object creation with powerful Boolean operations, bitmap handling tools and effects, dynamic blends that refresh automatically when changed, and QuickVector events and triggers for making interactive graphics for the Internet.
To satisfy the needs of the entire enterprise, Designer 7 also includes a comprehensive suite of technical drawing tools that make it easy to set scale, dimension, call out and even draw via keyboard coordinates (it's accurate to the micron.) Plus, Designer 7 imports most CAD/Cam file formats, adding a new level of presentation and communication capability for engineering and manufacturing departments.

Picture Publisher: Picture Publisher 7 is a powerful imaging application designed for professional-quality photo editing, special effects, and eye-catching Web graphics. A consistent category innovator since its introduction, Picture Publisher continues to deliver revolutionary new capabilities, many of which can't be found "high end" packages that cost five times as much.
Picture Publisher offers comprehensive, powerful tools for graphics professionals and novices alike. Precise masking tools, object layers, Macro recording, and low resolution post-processing (work on very large files using minimal RAM) were just a few of the features that Picture Publisher introduced to PC imaging. Version 7 continues to extend these capabilities with industry-leading functionality provided by unique features like the Command Center.
For creating compelling, effective web graphics, Picture Publisher is a must-have. Automated wizards help transform ordinary images into extraordinary graphics. Picture Publisher includes some of the industry's best tools for creating JPEG and GIF-formatted graphics files. With its powerful JPEG engine, you can adjust the resulting file size with slider controls and preview the results interactively. You'll get your images right the first time - every time - and at just the right file size (and download time!)
Picture Publisher 7 provides a familiar Microsoft Office interface, integrated online tutorials, multiple automated Wizards, numerous effects, and large interactive previews. The product also includes the Micrografx Media Manager, which allows you to easily drag-and-drop files from its collection of over 10,000+ sample images.

Simply 3D: Simply 3D 2 is an innovative, intuitive new tool that makes 3D modeling, rendering and animation easy enough for the occasional user. With its complete Microsoft Office integration, it's now a breeze to add captivating 3D graphics and animations to presentations, web pages, and desktop publishing documents.
With formidably complex interfaces and features, most 3D graphics applications have been difficult to comprehend, let alone master. Simply 3D 2 is designed to be easy to understand for anybody who wants to make a strong impression - and with no compromise of its stunning, professional-quality 3D graphics.
Professional-quality 3D graphics are created with easy-to-use Wizards for instant 3D logos, intuitive modeling, ray tracing, drag-and-drop animation, VRML2, animated GIF, and AVI export for PowerPoint presentations - plus Direct 3D acceleration. Even if you never thought you could use a 3D application, you'll be producing 3D renderings, AVIs for PowerPoint presentations and animated GIF files for Web pages.

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